Quora World
MeetUp 2019

16th June 2019 Bengaluru


Every year we aim to have an unbelievable time, and this year we’d love it for you to join us.
Register below to attend the most stimulating intellectual discussions and talks,one of the best that values your time.

Code Of Conduct

    This code of conduct applies to everyone attending the meet up.
    We are here as a community to deliberate on the topics of the forum.
  • Be nice to everyone,
  • Be empathetic,
  • Be questioning, as it furthers the discussion, but
  • Discuss ideas, not people and their personalities (as that would be ad hominem).

We strongly condemn any kind of harassment of any fellow participant. This includes:
  • Sustained disruption of talks, discussions and other events.
  • Offensive remarks or jokes made about women, men, persons of non-binary genders and those with physical disabilities, or on the basis of sexuality, race, caste or religion.
  • Use of images that objectify the human body unless absolutely relevant to the discussion.
  • Inappropriate physical contact and invasion of private space.
  • Deliberate intimidation, unwelcome gestures and stalking.

Please report in confidence to any world quora meetup volunter. Violators, regardless of their standing, may be expelled from the forum, and reported to the authorities.